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[Welcome doggie welcome] Free dog run is open on the ground!

This time, a free dog run is opened at the corner of Chonan Nishi small ground.


Now I can enjoy Chonan Nishiko even more with my dog!


At Nishiko Cafe, you can bring a wooden deck to your dog, so

After playing with dog run, please relax at the cafe♪




▲Because it's a lawn, it's kind to dogs' feet♪ ▲Dogs are delighted too!



Please come to Chonan Nishiko with your doggy!

We'll be expecting you!




[OPEN]11:00~16:00 (irregular holidays)

For small and medium-sized dogs

*If there is an in-house guest, it cannot be used.




1 minute walk from the cafe!




■The following doggy cannot enter.

・It is violent ・Female in estrus ・I am infected with an infectious disease ・Vaccination without various vaccines

■ Dog runs are limited to small and medium-sized dogs.

■Please be sure to enter and exit with the dog and keep an eye on the dog.

■Do not use only doggy.

■Be sure to check the surrounding conditions before removing the leads.

■Please refrain from eating and drinking in the dog run.

Also, snacks and foods for dogs can cause trouble.

please do not.

■Please take the doggie's poop home with you.

■ Accidents, injuries and troubles with other customers in the dog run

Please discuss and resolve between the parties. We do not take any responsibility at this facility.