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CHONAN Nishisho CAFE Bon Festival (August 14 - 16) About sales

Dear Customer,


Hello, this is just a Nishinoku administration office.
Thank you for always using CHONAN Nishisho CAFE!



It has been a while ago that the heat has been a bit frustrating since yesterday and today.

But summer performance is coming! When it is hot and stuffy, please enjoy home-made gelato boasted of a cold drink and be sure to come and visit the cafe! Let's spend it slowly in comfortable space where air conditioning also worked ^ ^



Well, I'm informed about the Bon Festival's business hours and summer vacation at such a cafe.


Tuesday, August 14

11:00 ~ 21:00

Wednesday, August 15 (Wed)

temporary closed

Thursday, August 16

temporary closed





On August 14, we will have a Junior Nishi-Bon Festival Bon Festival Tournamentis held!


In keeping with the Bon Odori convention, CHONAN Nishisho CAFE is usually closed at 16 o'clock,

Extended business hours until night!


We are also planning to offer alcohol and so please enjoy the festival and cafe in Chonan Town together!


After that, although it is truly selfish, I will temporarily close it on the above schedule. We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding and understanding.



We are waiting for everyone's visit!