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Reservation form


Getting Started

Flow until use

  • Apply for tentative reservation
  • Send a quote
  • Reservation confirmation
  • Creating and sending guest list
  • Accommodation
  • Payment
  • Apply for tentative reservation
  • Send a quote
  • Reservation confirmation
  • Creating and sending guest list
  • Accommodation
  • Payment

About accommodation reservation

■ You can apply for reservation in the form.Availability informationPlease check in and fill out the reservation form.
Please note that due to input to the reservation form, it will become a provisional reservation and reservations for phone only will not be accepted.

■ During the summer season (July 20 - August 31) after 2019Lottery system. We will inform you by notification so please check.

■ For reservation application1 year 1 month aheadWe accept.
Example) Reservation possible from June 1 to 30, 2018, until June 30, 2019

Reservation · Inquiries

0120-154-244 [reception time] 10:00 to 17:00 (except weekends and holidays)

Reservation form

Flow until use

The charges for Chonan Nishiko will be the total of room charges, meal charges, and other optional charges.
At the time of booking, we will calculate an estimate according to the number of people.
*Room rates vary depending on the number of people. For details, please check the " Price " page.


● Customers who pay cash or credit card


● Customers with bill payment (Corporate only)

Please apply from the reservation form. It will be confirmed as soon as the approval of the quotation is confirmed.
We will issue the invoice according to the payment site that closes at the end of the check-out day and pays at the end of the following month.

※ Internal review will be required. Please understand beforehand that it may not be possible to use bill payment.

About cancellation

After schedule reservation, if your schedule changes, please be sure to contact us.
In case of cancellation after 3 months from the reservation date, we will charge the following cancellation fee. Please note.

Because this facility is a "one-group fully reserved accommodation facility", it is difficult to re-book after that if you cancel your accommodation less than three months before your use.
If you understand the characteristics of the facilities and have to cancel, we will ask you to pay the cancellation fee immediately.
Please understand that we have set reasonable prices so that many people can use them, and we hope that you can use them.

About check-in / check-outAbout check-in / check-out

The use of the accommodation building is from 15:00 to 11:00 the next day.
Facilities such as a gymnasium, ground, and multi-purpose room can be used from 13:00 to 11:00.
For those who want to enjoy more Chonan Nishiko, the gymnasium, ground, and multi-purpose room can be used early or extended 2 hours before and after. (Extra charge)
For details, please check the price page .

* Early and extended use may be adjusted with users before and after, so please consult us at the time of reservation when using.

About room allocation

The rooms that you can use vary depending on the number of people used. Please check in advance.

<10 people or less> 
Up to 2 rooms on the 1st floor.
<30 people or less> 
Only on the first floor. Or second floor 201, 202, 204.
<40 people or less> 
Only one room on the first floor and the second floor. Or only the second floor.
<50 people or less> 
Only the first floor and the second floor two rooms. Or on the second floor and the first floor room.
<60 people or less> 
1st floor and 201, 202, 204 or 2nd floor and 1st floor 2 rooms
<61 people or more> 
all rooms

※ If you have any requests about room allocation, please tell the staff.

About accommodation building and community exchange building

Junior high school building is divided into community exchange building and accommodation room.

*The cafe, library, kids' space, and baby room of the community exchange building are open to the public, so even those who are not staying can enter and exit.
Please note.

About amenity

Amenities such as towels, shampoos, razors, etc. are prepared by the customer in principle.
Although there are limitations on the number, please use sports towels for sale.

About night use


About parking lot

Approximately 20 cars in total (There is a parking space on the back next to the gymnasium)