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Guests staying at Chonan Nishiko can enjoy self-service meals and BBQ meals.
Please spend a good time while getting excited with your friends.

Regarding allergies

We are very sorry, but we do not accept individual allergy ingredients changes.
We will send a list of ingredients for the meals we provide to customers who desire it.
Among them, you will have to remove the allergic food yourself.



Chonan Nishiko's meal is a self-service meal style.
You can feel like you're on duty by wearing cooked clothes and eating rice.


  • ・Chicken curry garnished boiled egg/Fukugami pickles
  • ・Raw ham salad
Egg, chicken, milk, pork
  • ・Hamburg garnish with tomato
  • ・Chicken fried
  • · Macaroni salad
  • ·fruits
Beef, pork, chicken, egg, wheat, milk ingredients

BBQ <2,500 yen/per person>

Enjoy the school barbecue in the sun between the sun and the starry sky at night in the courtyard between the old and new schools.

  • *When having BBQ for dinner, the cost of ingredients, equipment, paper dishes, charcoal, etc. is included in the usage fees. The venue is either the courtyard or the schoolyard.
  • ※BBQ備品セット(コンロ・網・ハサミ等)・炭のお貸出しのみの場合、お一人¥1,100(税込)頂戴しております。
  • After the barbecue, please be aware of the following and clean.
  • ・Please put the used tongs and net in the washroom.
  • ・Please return the desk, chair and stove to the original place.
  • ・For barbecue ingredients, please pick them up at the kitchen and carry them to the courtyard (barbecue).
  • ・Since used charcoal is dangerous, please leave it until the fire is extinguished.
  • ・ゴミは備え付けのゴミ箱に廃棄してください。
  • (燃えるゴミ・燃えないゴミ・ペットボトル・缶/ビンの4種に分けていただきます)

Freshly cooked cooked rice

In Nishi Small, we are making loans. You can enjoy freshly cooked rice cooked with your own.

*The fee for the stove will be charged for the number of guests. *One unit of rice from Chonan-cho is 0.7 go.

Porridge (only in winter)

We can prepare hot pot only in winter. The pot that warms up with a kotatsu and surrounds you with your friends is exceptional.