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School building information

Introducing the inside of the Chonan Nishi small school building with photos!
If you tap the plus mark on the map, a large photo will be displayed, so please see the area you care about.

Let's try a simulated exploration inside the school building with Google Street View!

There are many other classrooms to explore! Please take a look at every corner of the school building.

List of rental equipment

List of equipment of ground

  • Soccer balls (No. 4 x 4 each)
  • Soccer goal
  • Simple base for baseball
  • Line car line powder

List of equipment in the music room

  • Grand piano
  • Xylophone
  • Tekki
  • Other

Gymnasium equipment list

  • Basketball (6 x 10 pieces, 7 x 5 pieces)
  • Table tennis table (two), table tennis racket, ball
  • Badminton racket
  • Volleyball (No. 5 x 4)
  • Net for ball games
  • Futsal balls (5), goals

Other equipment

  • Fireworks bucket
  • Bonfire (firewood is charged)

Equipment list of multipurpose room

  • Long desk
    (W1800 x D450 x H750) 37 units
  • Pipe chair (blue)
    (W450 x D450 x H750) 177 legs
  • Pipe chair (green)
    (W450 x D450 x H750) 58 legs
  • Acoustic set
    (Amplifier, 1 wireless microphone set) 3 units
  • Wired microphone Three
  • 100 inch screen (freestanding) 3 units
  • Projector (3,300 lumens) 3 units
  • Projector stand 3 units
  • Whiteboard
    (Eraser, with marker black/blue/red) 3 units

Amenity sales

The following products are sold at the office. Please contact the staff when you need it.


  • Chonan Nishi small face towel with logo300 yen (1 piece)
  • Toothbrush100 yen (1)
  • 洗濯用洗剤50円(1個)
  • Women's napkin200 yen (10 pieces)