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Request from Nishisho

The concept of Nishi Noda is to "use a wide school building as you like with a free idea".
For that reason, under the idea that "we use ourselves on our own"
We are cooperating with customers for meals, bed making, tidying etc.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Please cooperate in sorting garbage.

You can use it freely, such as accommodation building and gymnasium,
Garbage that came out while staying separates and discards each room by each customer
I will be saved. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please return to the same state as when I first came.

Please return to the original place such as desk in multipurpose room and ball of gymnasium.

Please 3 sheets fold and go to the linen room.

We finished the used sheets in the linen room using used sheets
Please be careful. At that time, so that more sheets can be put, with chitin
Please cooperate so as to put it after folding.

Please give me your futon folded and put it in the room.

Folded mattress, quilt, blanket and pillow should be folded and put together in the corner of the room or on the bed (in case of Western-style room).

Please clean the rooms that I used 5.

Since there are cleaning goods in each classroom, when using the room you leave
Please clean it easily.

Onegai No. 6 The meal service is self-service!

It is a school lunch style that leaves customers with transportation from the kitchen to the cafeteria and arrangements to each one.
We also have nostalgic cooking clothes, so we can enjoy themselves with lunch duty!