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Q & A

About equipment

How big is the gym?
Overall size ... It is about 16 m wide × 24 m deep.

Mini basketball: 1 page available
Regular coat ... Vertical 14 m × horizontal 24 m
Badminton: 2 secured possibility
Regular coat ... Vertical 6.1 m × Horizontal 13.4 m
Volleyball (6 people): 1 securable available
Regular coat ... Vertical 12 m × horizontal 18 m
How big is the ground?
Overall size: 68m wide x 40m deep.
The size is slightly narrower for 8-person soccer for boys (68m x 50m).
In juvenile baseball, the size of the outfield is somewhat limited.
Please check the Google Map for details.
Is air conditioning equipment attached?
1 ~ 2F rooms, 1F dining room, 1F multipurpose room small (classroom type), cafe, 2F music room, there is a cooling installation.
Can I have a campfire?
Fireworks and campfires can be held on the ground. You can rent a simple bonfire stand for camping fire for 4 to 5 people. Firewood for camping fire is sold at the office (1,000 yen (tax included) for one bundle, which will last for about 30 minutes).
*Please refrain from using an open flame to damage the ground.
Can you firework?
Is possible. We will lend you a bucket for extinguishing fire.
*Handheld and wiped fireworks can be used, but please refrain from launching fireworks that exceed the height of the school building in consideration of neighboring residents.
What is Amityiti?
Are there washing machines and dryers etc?
There is a coin laundry on the first floor of the accommodation building.
Washing machine: 3 machines, Dryer: 3 machines (both are free)
We also sell detergents.
What time is check-in/check-out?
The use of the accommodation building is from 15:00 to 11:00 the next day.
Facilities such as a gymnasium, ground, and multi-purpose room can be used from 13:00 to 11:00.
For those who want to enjoy more Chonan Nishiko, the gymnasium, ground, and multi-purpose room can be used early or extended 2 hours before and after. (Extra charge)
For details, please check the price page.
* Early and extended use may be adjusted with the users before and after, so please contact us when making a reservation when using.
Can I use the school building at night?
Since there is no manager from 22:00 to 6:30 the next morning, use of the gymnasium, ground, and community exchange building will be until 21:00. If you use the gym after 17:00, you will be charged 3,000 yen (excluding tax) for 1 hour for night lighting.
Please do not make loud noises at night (after 22:00), play loud music, or make any noise.
If a loud sound is heard at night, the staff may be careful.
In addition, please note that you will not be able to stay if the situation does not improve despite repeated cautions.
Is there a parking lot?
There is a parking space next to the school building. A total of about 20 cars can be parked.
Do you have a refrigerator?
There are two household refrigerators (445L) in the accommodation building and a commercial refrigerator in the common room.
Is it possible to board a large bus?
Up to 2 units are possible. For the convenience of customers using the cafe, we will guide you to the parking place, so please park according to the instructions of the staff on the day.

About meal

I would like a barbecue, but what if it rains?
We will set up a tent in the BBQ area to avoid rain so that you can enjoy your BBQ even if it rains.
Is there an environment where you can cook by themselves?
There is a simple kitchen in the common room.
2 sinks, 4 stoves
We also have simple cooking utensils such as rice cookers, refrigerators, knives, cutting boards, and pans. Please speak to the staff on the day. *There are no ingredients or seasonings, so please bring your own.
What is the menu of meals?
You can choose a self-service lunch style, BBQ, hot pot (only in winter) for Chonan Nishi small meal.
Breakfast: rice, grilled salmon, natto, fried egg, miso soup, vegetable salad, etc.
Lunch: Curry rice, pork cutlet, macaroni salad, miso soup
Dinner: Teriyaki chicken, crab gratin, Neapolitan spaghetti, rice, miso soup, fruit
Pork, beef, wiener, seasonal vegetables, yakisoba
Seasonal vegetables and chicken
*Menu is an example. Subject to change.
Is it possible to bring drinks, children's food etc.?
It is also possible for customers to bring their own ingredients. There is no charge for bringing in food ingredients.
Do you correspond to meals food allergies?
We will send a list of ingredients for the meals we provide to customers who desire it.
Among them, you will have to remove the allergic food yourself.
At what time do you charge for drinks?
It occurs when you bring in an alcoholic beverage. *This may occur even if you take the garbage home. It does not occur if you bring only soft drinks.

Fees and payment

Is there any infant / elementary school fee?
Children 0 - 3 years old accompanied by parents are free of charge. However, when the number of guardians accompanying such as childcare nursery is small, we have received the usual fee. It is normal charge for 4 years old and over.
What is the meal fee for infants younger than 3 years old?
Unfortunately there is no menu for infants at this facility. It is possible not to order a child's meal in case you bring baby food etc. Pots and microwave ovens for making baby food etc. are available for rent.
Please tell me the estimated price.
The charges at Chonan Nishi Elementary School are the total of the hotel charges + meal charges + other optional charges. The price varies depending on the number of guests. After tentative reservation, we will calculate a detailed quotation.
Can I use a credit card?
Visa、Mastercard、アメックス、JCB 、ダイナース、DISCOVERのカードがご利用いただけます。
Can I pay later?
Only for corporate customers. Please apply from the reservation form. It will be confirmed as soon as the approval of the quotation is confirmed.
We will issue the invoice according to the payment site that closes at the end of the check-out day and pays at the end of the following month.
*In-house examination is required. Please note that invoice payment may not be available in some cases.
I want to cancel. Is there a cancellation fee?
For cancellations made 3 months prior to the date of reservation, a cancellation fee will be charged in accordance with the cancellation policy. Please note.
In addition, if you do not stay without contacting us, we will charge 100% of the room charge, so please be sure to contact us if your schedule changes after the reservation is confirmed.

*Customers who paid the deposit by cash/credit payment cannot refund or cancel the deposit. Please note. *Since this facility is a "fully reserved accommodation for one group", if you cancel your accommodation less than 3 months before the date of use, it will be difficult for you to make a reservation again.
Please understand the characteristics of the facility, and if cancellation is unavoidable, please promptly pay the cancellation fee.

Reservation and content changes

Is it possible to change the number of guests after booking?
The number of guests can be changed until the day of arrival. However, if the number of guests is less than 20 people, the room charge per person will be the price after changing the number of people. Please see the page about charges for the number of people.
Is it possible to change the number of meals after booking?
The number of meals can be changed up to 1 week before the stay. Please note that you cannot change the item after that due to the purchase of ingredients.
How do you make a reservation?
Can I make a reservation by phone?
We are sorry, but we do not accept telephone reservations. Please understand.
How long can I book?
Reservations are accepted up to 1 year and 1 month in advance. However, the lottery will be held only in the summer (late July to August). Please refer to the notice for details.


I want to do preliminary inspection, is it possible?
Available only to customers who have made a reservation. We will ask you for the desired date and time, and will adjust the schedule and time to guide you. You can also see the inside of the building on Google Street View. Please see from here.
Is there time when you can not practice instruments?
Please refrain from practicing between 20:00 and 8:00 the next morning in consideration of residents in the surrounding area.
Can I use it for a day trip?
It is possible only in the gymnasium, ground, and multipurpose room.
Weekdays: 100,000 yen (excluding tax)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 200,000 yen (excluding tax)
10,000 yen/1 hour (tax excluded)
Is it possible to use it as a location?
Is possible.
For commercial use, the following charges are set, but they may change depending on the usage. Please contact us for more information.
Weekdays: 250,000 yen (excluding tax)
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 250,000 yen (excluding tax)
20,000 yen/hour (tax excluded)
Can I walk from the nearest station?
It takes about 30 minutes by car to the nearest station (JR Mobara Station), so it is not recommended to move on foot. We recommend using a taxi, a temporary bus, a free pick-up van (capacity 8 people), etc.
The nearest express bus terminal (Ichihara Tsurumai Bus Terminal) is about 15 minutes by car, but it is difficult to walk on foot because the mountain road continues. It is also recommended to use taxis, temporary buses, free pick-up vans (capacity 8 people), etc.
I am a group of 84 or more. Can I stay overnight?
The maximum number of people who can stay at Chonan Nishi Elementary School is 84. If the number of guests is larger than that, it is possible to stay together with neighboring accommodation facilities, so please feel free to contact us.
Are there supermarkets and convenience stores in the vicinity?
There is a convenience store within 10 minutes by car.
For details, please see the peripheral information page.
Is there a facility that can be used by anyone other than the hotel guest or a day trip user?
The baby room, kids room and library on the 2nd floor of the community exchange building are open to the public.
Anyone can use it between 11:00 and 16:00.
*Member registration is required to use the regional exchange building. (free)